Bin label Perry English Mid 19th century

Bin label Perry English Mid 19th century

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W: 13cm (5.1")H: 9.3cm (3.7")D: 1cm (0.4")


Ceramic bin label title Perry. Coat hanger shape Mid 19th century.

Condition very good.

Provenance: Angela Kay Collection.​​​​​​​

Perry is a  cider like alcoholic beverage made from pears, and the two words, perry and pear, are related: both come ultimately from Latin pirum ‘pear’, perry via Old French peré. C. Anne Wilson reports in Food and Drink in Britain(1973), a drink called piriwhit was made from perry mixed with cheap ale in the Middle Ages; but in more recent times perry has achieved prominence as the basis of Babycham, known as the ‘champagne perry’ until the champagne producers took exception to the epithet and forced it to be dropped.

Further information: Bin labels are the lowly but elder relations of decanter labels and served a different purpose. Their origins go back to the mid 17th century when the binning or storage of wines first became important. They then served a utilitarian purpose identifying unmarked bottles in lying in the depths of gentlemen's or wine merchants cellars. They were either directly nailed to a shelf on which were stored the bottles or barrels or directly to the barrel itself.

Bin labels are in the main made from pottery including Delftware and creamware, or broadly speaking, earthenware. They are therefore highly susceptible to damage and therefore there are far fewer bin labels than decanter labels in existence. 

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