Pair of marriage rummers English C1810

Pair of marriage rummers English C1810

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W: 9.5cm (3.7")H: 15cm (5.9")

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Pair of marriage rummers.  The cylinder  bowls engraved with symbols of love and marraige. A single dove flies away with a heart in its beak, whilst two others sit perched sharing a pecked kiss.  A dog (often used to represent fidelity) sits chained to a plinth upon which two hearts are represented. The reverse the monogram TMAM and HM is engraved within a cartouche.  English C1810.

Note: Thes glasses are illustrated in Rummers 'A Soclial History Told in Glass' by Timothy Mills 2013, p.91, Fig 84.

Condition: Very good with no chips, cracks or evidence of restoration.