Four Admirals Tumbler C1795.

Four Admirals Tumbler C1795.

Code: 2/26/55


W: 9.8cm (3.9")H: 12.3cm (4.8")


A large tumbler engraved with anchors and festoons suspended from a formal border inscribedNelson 1st August 1798, Duncan 11th ocobet 1797, Howe 1st June 1794 and St Vincent 14th February 1797. The base with narrow cut flutes.

The inscriptions refer to British Admirals and their naval victories. Nelson over the French off the coast of Egypt, Duncan over the Dutch at Camperdown, Lord Howe over the French off Ushant and Lord St Vincent (previously Sir John Jarvis) over the Spanish at Cape St Vincent. 

Condition: Very good with no chips, cracks or restoration.