Antique glass - Decanter marked Cork Glass Co.1783 -1818

Antique glass - Decanter marked Cork Glass Co.1783 -1818

Code: 11388


H: 27.5cm (10.8")


Fine decanter with three milled neck rings, the body engraved cross hatch vesica and plain moulded bullseye stopper. The base with moulded radial and basal flutes marked Cork Glass Co. 1783 - 1818.

Condition: Very good condition. The decanter has been professionally cleaned.

Base dia: 12.5 cm.

Note: The Cork Glass Co operated between 1783 and 1818.

For an almost identical example see Irish Glass, Waterford, Cork, Belfast in the Age of Exuberance by Phelps Warren. P. 79 fig, 20.

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