Rummer engraved Lichfield Cathedral c1830

Rummer engraved Lichfield Cathedral c1830

Code: 10430


H: 22.5cm (8.9")


Large rummer engraved with a view of Lichfield  Cathedral and the hatchment of John Chappel Woodhouse the reverse, a cartouche with the initials JCW English c1830.

Condition Very good. 

Note: John Chappel Woodhouse was Rector of Donnington Shropshire for 61 years and Dean of Lichfield from 1807 to 1833.  John Chappel Woodhouse’s hatchment hangs in the nave of Lichfield Cathedral.

He was also the grandfather of the two little girls who were the subject of a memorial in the cathedral by Francis Chantrey known as the Sleeping children.

The Sleeping Children is a marble sculpture by Francis Chantrey. The statue depicts Ellen-Jane and Marianne Robinson asleep in each other's arms on a bed. The statue was commissioned by the mother of the two children, also named Ellen-Jane Robinson, whose daughters had died in 1813 and 1814.

The statue was placed in the south east corner of Lichfield Cathedral  in 1817 where it remains today.