Jacobite wine glass English C1750

Jacobite wine glass English C1750

Code: 8752


H: 15.5cm (6.1")


Multi spiral air twist Jacobite wine glass with shoulder and centre knop the round funnel bowl engraved with a six petalled heraldic rose, single bud and on the reverse a moth or butterfly. English C1750.

Bowl diameter:    5.7 cm

Foot diameter:     7.1 cm

Condition: Very good with no chips, cracks or evidence of restoration.

Note: Note: The heraldic rose is the most common motif found on Jacobite glasses. It is often accompanied by either one or two buds.  The rose is thought to represent the Royal House and the larger of the two buds the Old Pretender (son of James II 1688 - 1766) and the smaller bud The Young Pretender, Prince Charles Edward 1720 - 88. The moth or butterfly is thought to represent the decline of the Jacobite of the movement.