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22nd November 2017 
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Decanters etc
Decanters etc. 7343

Half Size Taper Decanter English C1790.

New Stock
Fine half size taper decanter with notched cut basal and shoulder flutes, flat cut diamonds and egg and dart engraving. English C1790. Height: 24 cm.

Condition: Very good condition. This is a particularly pretty little decanter.

Stock No. 7343.

Price: £125.00.

Decanters etc. 7446

Decanter English C1830

New Stock
Decanter with cut flutes and mushroom stopper. English C1830. Height: 23.2 cm.

Condition: Very good condition.

Stock No. 7446

Price: £135.00.

Decanters etc. ID

Irish Decanter C1800

Fine decanter with blown moulded flutes cut decoration to the body with milled neck rings and moulded bullseye stopper. Height: 27.5 cm. Irish C1800.

Condition: Very good condition.

Stock No. 7496

Price: Sold

Decanters etc. 7325

Fine Pair of Apple Green Decanters C1830.

Fine pair of apple green decanters with two step cut neck rings , slice cut body and star cut base. Original matching stoppers. Richardson C183. Height: 28 cm.

Condition: Very good condition.

Stock No. 7325

Price: £595.00.

Decanters etc. 7096

Rare Clock Face Decanter C1912

Clock-faced decanter designed by Harry Powell C1912. Height: 32 cm. Made by J. Powell & Sons, Whitefriars Glass London.
This style of cut decoration is described by Harry Powell as 'Spanish' the design was inspired by glass in the Riaño Collection purchased by the V&A in 1873. Many pieces formally called Spanish were now known to be imported from Bohemia.

Condition: Good condition with no evidence of restoration.

Stock No. 7096

Price: £245.00.

Decanters etc. 5178

Fine Cut Glass Claret Jug English C1840.

Fine cut glass claret jug with original stopper. Height: 27.5cm. English C1840.

Condition: Very good.

Stock No. 5178.

Price: £345.00

Decanters etc. 7107

Rare Engraved Decanter C1810

New Stock
Rare decanter with three neck rings and cut basal flutes with a roundel engraved with a ship. Inscribed 'Norwich a Port Ships & Commerce'. Height 27 cm. English C1810. A decanter, possibly the pair to this is on display in Castle Museum Norwich. Accession number: 127.2.1

Condition: Very good condition.

Stock No. 7107.

Price: Sold

Decanters etc. 7107AClose up of the engraving.

Decanters etc. 6949

Shouldered Decanter C1765.

New Stock
Rare shouldered decanter with faceted spire stopper wheel-engraved with the label 'MOUNTAIN' within a cartouche decorated with fruiting vine. Height 29 cm. English C1770. 'Mountain' was a sweet wine produced from grapes grown in the mountainous region surround the town of Malaga.

Condition: Very good condition.

Stock No. 6949.

Price: £725.00